Credo in unum Deum . . .

I make a point to always know who I am supporting, so here's a little bit about me in case you're curious. I am a student at a wonderful Catholic college seeking a degree in media. I created this website so that I might share some of my favorite books and movies and also to help a bit with my tuition.

I am interested in everything.  My favorite animal is a giant pacific octopus and my favorite protist is a Euglena. My favorite form of Mass is the Latin Novus Ordo but I don't wear chapel veils because I hate how they tickle my cheeks and cut off my peripheral vision. I spend my spare time doodling (see Doodles page).
I am a great lover of nature. I have a pet bird named “Bird” and another bird named “Birdy-bird” and I also have a bird named Charlie even though she is a girl. I have always wanted a pet octopus but I don't have a swimming pool and my bathtub isn't big enough. The only space in my house large enough for an octopus tank is currently occupied by a lame chicken in a dog crate, Honestly, I'm not making this up. Unfortunately, they must all stay at home with my poor mother come fall when I go off to college. I don't see how I could hide a chicken in the dorms.

Now I am quite sure that is much more about me that you care to know.